Final Project: Building on the themes from the readings, in class exercises, and from concepts found from the exhibition, students will execute and be graded on the following:

  • Concept
  • Execution of techniques used
  • Does the final outcome support the original concept
  • Presentation to the class: Display your object so isolate it from the noise in the classroom, use dress forms, mannequins, table tops, wall, and additional texts like you would see in a museum.
  • Post on your blog:
    • Concept statement
    • Image of final project

Be ready by 11 am to start.

First step is to walk around the room and answer the following questions for each project (advanced students will look at advanced work, and beginning students will look at beginning student work)

  1.  Describe what you see: color, shape, techniques used, how is it displayed?
  2. What associations are you making from your knowledge?
  3. Describe how you see the exhibition reflected in your object (beginning students only)

Then we will walk around and talk about each piece for 2-3 minutes.


  1. Jaime G.
  2. Cindy V.
  3. Michelle V.
  4. Felicia DS
  5. Jaimie Le
  6. Natalie L
  7. Linda T
  8. Rafael L
  9. Abel M
  10. Antonio L
  11. Erin W
  12. Wendy J
  13. Kyle B
  14. Jessica H
  15. Leslie H
  16. Jourdan K
  17. Summer T
  18. Jesselyn A
  19. La Shondra D
  20. Cayetano T
  21. Charlotte
  22. Gem A
  23. Robyn
  24. Cheylynne Y

Dear Fashion Students:

With the new school year having started, we are excited to announce the first FADS club meeting this Tuesday, October 27th, at 3:30pm in Fine Arts room 239. It should last about 45 minutes and will include introductions and a mini survey about what you are looking to get out of being in the club. Even if you can only make it for a few minutes to fill out the survey, please stop on by! We want to use this first meeting to get to know the students interested in participating in the club and brainstorm on all the different ways we can have fun in fashion!

If you have any questions, please contact: Cheylynne Yurcho,

Good Afternoon Students,

I am the Volunteer Coordinator at Dress for Success Worldwide-West. We are an international non-profit devoted to empowering women in their journey for economic independence. Our largest fundraiser of the year, Shop for Success, will take place from November 19th – November 22nd in Beverly Hills.

The 2015 Shop for Success is a four-day designer shopping celebration where LA’s most stylish can update their wardrobe while helping the women of Los Angeles get back to work. This event features a VIP opening night, silent auction, giveaways and three additional days of shopping. Last year the event brought in over $150,000! I am reaching out to you to see if any of you may be interested in volunteering for this event. Activities for volunteers range from hanging and merchandising the clothing, to being retail associates during the shop itself. This would be a great opportunity for your fashion students to use their skills and gain experience with designer clothing while giving back to the community.

I would love to provide you with any additional information, and if interested, provide the link for your students to sign-up. I look forward to hearing from you!



Cassi Stephens
AmeriCorps VISTA & Volunteer Coordinator
Dress for Success Worldwide-West
2100 S Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90007
Tel 323.461.1021 | Fax 213.749.1291

Hello Students, no playing while I’m away!

Do your reading, we will discuss on Oct. 13, work on your drawings, and  bring to class a white, grey, light blue shirt to Shibori over dye.


if you have questions or concerns please email me