Monthly Archives: December 2015

Final Project: Building on the themes from the readings, in class exercises, and from concepts found from the exhibition, students will execute and be graded on the following:

  • Concept
  • Execution of techniques used
  • Does the final outcome support the original concept
  • Presentation to the class: Display your object so isolate it from the noise in the classroom, use dress forms, mannequins, table tops, wall, and additional texts like you would see in a museum.
  • Post on your blog:
    • Concept statement
    • Image of final project

Be ready by 11 am to start.

First step is to walk around the room and answer the following questions for each project (advanced students will look at advanced work, and beginning students will look at beginning student work)

  1.  Describe what you see: color, shape, techniques used, how is it displayed?
  2. What associations are you making from your knowledge?
  3. Describe how you see the exhibition reflected in your object (beginning students only)

Then we will walk around and talk about each piece for 2-3 minutes.