#1 Design Principle Portfolio: Generated through a series of lectures, readings, discussions and activities students will explore the six design principles, and generate a technical sample and end use drawing.   Students will be graded on their understanding and execution of the design principle and presentation in digital and analog portfolio.

  • Balance: patterning 3-d objects. Students reproduce an everyday object, using 3-D paper patterning techniques. Multiples of the object are created, and arranged, photographed demonstrating balance and imbalance.
  • Proportion: Students generate a three illustration croquis, 1 flat croquis, 10 illustrations and 20 flat drawings of garments from their closet.
  • Rhythm: Shebori / stenciling: students learn how to make a stencil and the dye resist pattern and techniques to over-dye / and update old garments.
  • Emphasis: students will generate an embroidery sampler demonstrating basic stitches learned in class.
  • Unity: square samples of single, double, triple, hyperbolic, circle or ball.

#2 Exhibition Visit and report: Someday is now: The Art of Corita Kent, Pasadena Museum of California Art.  Your visit to this exhibition will provide ideas and inspiration for your final project. You are required to turn in a 200- 400 word written report about your visit, the ideas presented in the work, the materials used, and how you might respond through your own process.

#3 Final Project: Building on the themes from the readings, in class exercises, and from concepts found from the exhibition, students will execute and be graded on the following:

  • Concept
  • Execution of techniques used
  • Does the final outcome support the original concept
  • Presentation to the class: can you verbally articulate to the class what your intentions were, and how you achieve them?

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Concept statement

Image of final project


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